Director/ Producer of Speak: Koji SAKAMAKI

坂巻侯司(さかまき こうじ)1969年東京・品川生。25歳より映像の世界へ、現在に至る

Born as the youngest of three at Tokyo in 1969, Koji SAKAMAKI President of Speak, is also working as Director / Producer, started his career when he was 25 years old.

Do you have a most favourite type of program when you were child? And which is the most impressive program whichever you prefer you created program or produced?

子供の頃好きだった番組、代表的な番組:「600万ドルの男」、「兼高かおる 世界の旅」が好きでした。自分が作ったものの中では「水百景」ですね。

His Archive is here:

東日本大震災(日本赤十字 2011)

APEC(外務省 2010)

ドキュメンタリー(NHK 2003-2009)

バラエティ(テレビ朝日 1998-2002) 上場企業紹介(各社 プロモーション映像 1998-)